When I began my journey into the world of music I would not expect the interest which it gained. Following some interesting stories and ideas I eventually landed up being embraced by Machine Gun Kisses Entertainment.


We arrived at the venue and even though we had absolutely no expectations can only describe the location as seriously underwhelming. The evening was a celebration of Punk is Undead The Buck & Hog welcomed us with a smile and general atmosphere of ‘this indeed a pub’ kind of vibe. Though I must say the splintered wooden finish with random flyers all around gave it a nostalgic feeling.

We greeted Niki Rayner (founder of Machine Gun Kisses Entertainment) first and then went to the bar whilst waiting for her to finish her things. At the bar we ordered a round of tequilas and hoped for the best.

When we arrived Penny Vagrant was just about to begin their set. I had never heard of them before encountering Machine Gun Kisses Entertainment (MGKE). Once they had began I felt as though I was rather young again. They came across as a band one would listen to when getting into the real depth of life. A time in your life when you want to feel more but you are still angry at the world or being mean to you. Though not my sound I did enjoy the performance. Getting life into the crowd and bringing a balanced show certainly made for a good set.

I finally got my chance to speak with Niki to know more about MGKE. While speaking to Niki it became apparent to me that MGKE stands for something more than just representation of bands.

MGKE holds the light in an ever fading industry, where the standard is low but the promise is high. Through structuring the logistics and focusing the bands MGKE is able to support local bands in a professional manner. This is something that has been lacking, particularly in South Africa. Musicians are left to be everything while still expected to be the artists they are.

MGKE aims to provide the support for these local bands, giving them the space to create and nurture their talents.


Punk is Undead is a prime example of the work MGKE is doing for bands.  Running the show, keeping to a schedule and giving the warmest greetings is but some of the small advantages to attending one of the events. For the bands/musicians it is even better as they are treated with respect as they should be. Organising competitions for the best dressed to the availability of a sweet-ass make-up artist Michelle Hean of Michelle Hean Makeup Artistry. Of course having a fantastic line-up:

Monday Morning Justice
Penny Vagrant
Slippery When Wet
Savage Lucy

The ultimate organisers for the ultimate events, resulting in profitable endeavours for musicians and valuable experiences for audiences.

In the words of Niki Rayner: “With so much talent, how could one resist?”

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