We all deserve an opportunity to have a discussion about art, love, life and passions while we have a few drinks.


I recently had this opportunity, with Hannes Strydom. Now if you don’t know who Hannes is then let me indulge you with the intrigue that is his work.

Hannes Strydom is an artist I found myself being drawn to. The reasons are rather vague and tend to be out of character for me but yet I was there. Looking at his work with absolute intrigue. Driven by each line, following the contours as they form into the image which so vividly fills my gaze. Totally stuck on each piece I knew I had to write about the beauty I had discovered in his work.

Having been granted a meeting with him I took the opportunity to get into the details of Hannes Strydom.

As a child, he would watch cartoons and then draw them. Finding inspiration in both the comedic and dark side of animation. A pencil was his beginning instruments for creating and over time he moved on from this to ink.  The act of working with ink brought Hannes to a new level in his work.  Ink is something definite, like an old photograph before you could just check quickly and take another shot. With a medium such as a ballpoint pen, “you have to.gain the skill because there is no going back”.

You have to take the time to understand what it is you want to depict, any alteration to what your goal leads you to start over or forces you to continue in a new direction. You have to ask yourself whether or not the time is worth it, is this the work you wanted to do.

To Hannes, and I am sure many others can relate, illustrating is a place to lose yourself. To switch off from the worries which plague your mind. Finding that connection which keeps you enveloped in the moment.

His work fuelled by his fascination with horror and comedy he is able to depict a greater story. A story only you can see, a story unique to each of us. Bringing out our own demons in a variety of ways with every illustration.

Allowing himself to grow Hannes was able to begin experimenting with other mediums such as coffee and wine. Challenging himself such as creating the right consistency for blood to really bring his work to life. You want to create that deep connection with the person viewing your work.

A strong emotional pull is what you are after and he finds it in the scare, the fear we all carry around. As Hannes put it: “fear is one of the most intense emotions and easier to create than love”.

But it is not just about the ability to bring your fears to life. It revolves around bringing the imperfections of ourselves to a canvas, to see it from afar.

Hannes points out his love for illustrating interesting or alternative people. Taking the so-called flaws of what we are, scars and afflictions, and giving it something beyond a life of simple existence. It is now in the spotlight, expressing its beautiful nature and embracing a different path.

Hannes has now travelled to South Korea, taking in some new inspirations. I hope that he is able to find a fascinating journey ahead of him. For now, though I will cherish the illustrations from him and put them up as soon as I find the perfect frame for them.

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