It is simply not enough to know that you are good at something.

For some it is perhaps even worse, especially when you are just good at something that has no passion in your heart. The often misguided pressure that follows a person appreciating your work is astounding. A mind swelling burden that in so many ways you will never truly live up to.

I recently had a cross-continent sit down with RnD Photography.

As always it was a fantastic 2 hour-long session speaking creative-to-creative on the path ahead. Just by the way if you happen to be in Zurich, Switzerland do look them up at RnD Photography to get in touch or simply follow them on [Facebook and LinkedIn] for epic updates.

I find that taking yourself through the process of working for someone else or straight from studying to self-employment it can be hard to see yourself as the expert you sell. Or are supposed to be selling.

What if it didn’t have to be about the expert that to are trying sell but rather the artist that you are? Taking from Damien’s (videographer and co-founder of RnD) words:

“…stopping to grow a business and [start] producing the visions we already have. Aspire to produce what you want, you then become an artist.

If we focus on producing works of art the rest will follow”

I think it is important to realize that the words show us it is not always about being the best or pleasing the clients. To create works of art you must practice, allow your work to be critiqued and learn from others. By stepping into the shoes of knowing that as you stand here you are the person they are paying for, it is your talent they require you lessen the possibility of doubt in yourself and doubt in the client. And you have struck a chord with them, take that opportunity to show your client the best way forward.

As Rebekka (photographer & co-founder of RnD) puts it so well:

“By being humble you can learn from each other. Both client and service provider. Guidance is often required… Allowing your client to trust and grow with you…”

Through the process of letting go we are able to progress within ourselves and our journey through life. As cheesy as it may sound we are not made to live forever, and we break down far quicker than we actually realize. It is about letting go of wanting to be inspired.

By being excited in moderation and “…expanding your comfort zone…” you are able to move forward and take on the challenges.

Whilst talking about the moving your mindset and creating your path it became clear to me that, as Damien said: “…avoiding resistance leads to no clicks, your moment is lost forever.”.  So what if we took the path of resistance in ourselves and made a name, a brand that make us proud?

Look at things differently when you are able to because the time to spend on ourselves is often lost. We barely even notice that it is missing anymore. Following the step-by-step guide to your perfect company is not the way to go for a business that your specific style, manner, way or however you want to put it, is required to run well. You are in essence the product.


Only you can recreate the world you see before you.


Here are some of the beautiful pieces you can expect:


To end on a beautiful note I leave you with a the little secret Rebekka decided to share:


“Feel it inside.

I love to take portraits. When I get a shot, when I really get it, it is like a high for me. It is something magical and it is truly what keeps me going. I have bad days too you know.

Photography is an intimate thing and you need to be patient. So when it all comes together it is amazing.

It is what motivates me.”




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