Roos. is the proud winner of our business logo and website initiative.

Blk-Ink Studio aspires to assist companies/individuals/brands, from start up to large corporation, in building a strong and healthy foundation for their online presence. With this we launched a Facebook campaign giving away a logo, website and one year free hosting.

Collaborating with Roos. has been a wonderful experience and produced elegant results.

Roos. The Origin Story

Roos. was founded by Xenia de Lange in her pursuit for passion.

Oil painting was where she first fell in love with painting and rather specifically painting portraits. And so at the age of 16 she began her journey from keen student to painter. Working through each project bringing her closer to her goal.

It was not all fun and games though. Art is a tough subject. All huddled together under one class, under enormous pressure to succeed and competing for the title of best artist is where the academia of art gets into your soul. All while you struggle to find yourself in this mess of self expression. To triumph through it is a great feat on its own merit.

Xenia triumphed through the madness and internships to give us the beautiful artistry of Roos. which grace so many homes already.

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