Almost seven years
Seven years since those first tears
The phone rings
My heart beats with its fears
Yes it is you
Seven years I have known your name
The doctor speaks of all things
But he does not know your name
For the longest time
I looked for you, few believed my fears
We found each other, after fifteen years
I can now speak your name
Your name
Brings no glory or fame
No one knows who you are
Can you blame them?
Frightened of their own faces
Few can reach these rare places
Fifteen years of pain and disbelief
Just to hear your name
One would think it brings relief
Almost seven years has passed
Since I learned your name
The end of our cat and mouse game
I cannot shake you
I cannot rid me of you
I am too slow to run
And you have taken most of my fun
Almost seven years
The time has not changed my fears
I am still here
And you, you will always be…