Have you ever been out on a breath-taking outdoor experience and wished you had something meaningful and practical to take home with you? Well Jaime Mierke, founder of Maluti Knives, gives you the opportunity to have all that at the mountains of Lesotho. Jaime has a remarkable talent which allows him to create these beautiful knives. I am sure he would deny any such talent and say that it is simply a skill anyone can acquire if they just tried. Perhaps the skill of knife making can just be acquired but that is not the talent I am referring to here. The talent Jaime, in my opinion, truly possess is the natural talent and understanding of how to learn, engage and to put it all into practice.

He first began tinkering with the idea of making items from scratch around the age of 9. That is also when he spoke to his dad who suggested he look into knife making. Jaime soon started watching YouTube videos and tutorials. After much learning, reading and practicing he was able to turn himself into a craftsman to be proud of.

When Jaime begins his process by sketching out the knife design, moving onto actually cutting the rough design out before continuing to refine the design on his belt sander. Using a bevel, he grinds the blade to the desired edge, once achieved he starts the polishing process. Thereafter he assembles the knife handle and fits it onto the blade. The blade is then sharpened. In his final step Jaime designs and makes an accompanying leather sheath for the knife. You can really see the passion and drive in Jaime come through in all his knife designs as well as in how he describes the process:


“…When I am designing the knife, I have an idea of how it should to look, feel, and just playing around with it. Most of the time when I am grinding the bevel on the knife, I feel stressed [in that moment] but when finished and looking back at the entire process I feel satisfied with the finished product…”


Inspiration is something we look for in our work and/or hobby, well the tasks that give us a sense of pleasure. I think at times we can be rather surprised by what inspires us. Jaime finds his inspiration through other knife makers and, of all places, an old book covering the history of knives. He has expressed a particular interest in the kukri. For those of you who are not versed in knife making such as myself, the kukri or khukuri is a knife, originating from the Indian subcontinent, associated with the Nepali speaking Gurkhas of Nepal and India. The knife has a distinct recurve in the blade. Used as both a tool and as a weapon in the Indian subcontinent.

Along with local assistance, Jaime is currently building a new workshop and hoping to expand his production to an international market. Soon enough he will be able to take on staff members and help increase the earning potential for many in Lesotho.

For now, Maluti Knives offers a range of fixed blade knives with the recent addition of folding knives. I am personally looking forward to ordering my first knife. To place your order and see more of Maluti Knives’ work then follow the links below:

Website: http://malutiknives.weebly.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mountain-Knives-2371102849601760/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/malutiknives/?hl=en