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Blush Times Branding & Web Design

Blush is a concept that arose from the uncontrollable sensation one feels when overwhelmed by an undefinable feeling.

It may be sparked by a simple ‘hello or smile’, a flirtatious comment, an unexpected compliment or a gentle touch.
This feeling is or may not be reciprocal, it has no timing and the sweet assailant may not even be that they’ve just given u that electric wave.

Blushing has no place to hide, and the more you try to hide it the more intensely it reveals itself. The Blush aims to be apparent.

This brand represents exactly that, a feeling u can’t hide, a that good sexy feeling that boldly stand out. Whether it lasts a few seconds, days or however long it has you someone out there is bound to make your bush.

The Blush cap provokes that feeling, you, he or she can’t escape it…it’s a natural rush that takes over you…BLUSH

  • Category : Branding / Web Design
  • Date : 3rd Apr 2017
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