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As two IT professionals in the city, we found ourselves growing closer and closer to the ever imagined ‘successful’ life. But it was not enough, life felt about as real as you would find on a dating site profile. We wanted more. And less. All at the same time. A real life, a simpler life …. and it needed to be far from the rat-race.

Where to go. It needed to be far, far away from the city we spent our adult lives in, so we started driving west … and we stopped when we found enough nothing. On the edge of the Kalahari desert we fell in love with the quiver trees that spot the landscape. It was in this vast expanse that we found the farm of our dreams. It was small, but had water, lots of sand and rocks and quiver trees all around. No amenities, no infrastructure, no buildings, just the raw land. It was a dream come true. We found our quiet space.

We packed our whole house into a shipping container, sang our goodbyes to the city and moved into a 4-birth caravan on our own land for two years while we built our strawbale house. Although we paid lots of ‘school fees’, it was and still is worth the effort. We endured the heat of the desert, the wrath of the wind and the unfortunate need to tear down and rebuild. In the end, we had built our home and it stood as strong as we did. We found a love for building with natural materials that has not stopped and we have wonderful dreams of building sandbag guest lodges and wattle-and-daub hideouts. This lifestyle has brought out the creativity in us, limited only by our dreams and abilities, not the expectations of others.

We’re completely off-grid, growing our own vegetables and loving our new found life. Our only regret is that we did not do it sooner.

Alisha was the little girl that started my shoe journey. She is the daughter of one of our employees and spends the mornings with us while her parents work away from the farm. While my husband still works in IT, I get to babysit and watch her grow. She loves strawberry yoghurt, singing ‘baby shark’ and playing with her tea set. She does NOT like the toaster. Even though she is now too old to wear my shoes, making her soft, healthy, comfortable shoes while she was crawling and learning to walk, gave me so much joy! I want to create a market community where I can share a little bit about me and my life with new families out there.

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