Diligence on Call
Diligence on Call

Diligence on Call

I had a traumatic experience due to a doctor-caused injury during a medical procedure and I was left bedridden for five months. During that time I relied on the kindness of friends to assist with daily living, preparing meals, transport to hospitals and doctors’ rooms, completing the necessary documentation prior to admission to hospital, therapy sessions, companionship, someone to take my Yorkie to the vet and groomer while I was unable to do so, etc.

As I started healing it dawned on me that there must be many people, especially among the elderly who desperately need a helping hand from time to time or on a more regular basis, with trips to hospital or doctors, personal administration assistance, attending to the shopping and other errands,

someone to talk to the doctor when they’re not feeling well enough to do so, a companion, perhaps even someone to take them for a scenic drive or a trip to the vet when their beloved pets aren’t well and they’re unable to drive them there.

I understand the value of such a helping hand more now since personally experiencing these challenges, and I have a deep desire to help others and want to use and combine the skills and experience I gained before and during my recovery journey to do so. And that is how Diligence on Call was conceived.

  • Category : Branding / Logo Design / Web Design
  • Date : 12th Nov 2019
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