Staff Spotlight – Conrad Bitzer
Conrad Bitzer

Staff Spotlight – Conrad Bitzer


Conrad Bitzer began his journey into photography some years back. It was not long before he realized that he was not only capturing a moment, object or feeling.

He had begun to create images. Laying out the set with a specifically designed goal in mind. As Conrad so eloquently states “…to create and push reality to the point that it breaks and is reconstructed into a visual image.”

Elements such as light, composition and the final print are most appealing to Conrad. He enjoys the extraordinary changes one can bring to life through the understanding of how to use light and composition to your favour. Finding inspiration in other great manipulators of the visual intake such as Nathan Wirth, Alex Sovertkov, Tejal Patni and Natalie Field he has been able to define his own style. Bringing forth a truly unique type of imagery which is ever expanding.  However his muse lies within the people he knows, travelling, music and that feeling when you see something amazing for the first time.

Through his years of study Conrad was able to take his knowledge to the marketplace, working as a freelancer initially before affirming his position. Working with various SMEs, events and musicians Conrad is now able to perfect his art while delivering some incredible pieces.

Building his legacy Conrad Bitzer looks to becoming an iconic photographer and filmmaker.

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For your Business

It has the ability to give you a negative or positive feeling. Be it a memory, a pair of sneakers or corporate image. The right photo can lift up your project in so many ways. Such as:


Whether you want to showcase your products or let your customers ‘meet the team’ your photograph is what the customer leaves with. Having quality which carries the ‘brand feeling’ will leave a good first impression.


Create a portfolio of your events. Your participants will enjoy being greeted with a professional event gallery.


A corporate profile is a person’s first view into who you are. It is always best to give the best impression possible.

For your Personal Life

Add quality memories to your personal photo collection.


Blk-Ink Studio offers a wide variety of photography options for personal collections. Please get in touch to discuss the nature of your project.




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  • Date : 3rd Jun 2017
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